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Jamie Catherwood: Bottom-Up, Fundamental Speculators “When investors become close minded and only listen to opinions that confirm their beliefs, speculation abounds. As the saying goes, “Don’t get high off your own supply”. Follw Jamie on Twitter @jfc_3_

Howard Lindzon: What’s Your Edge? “If you don’t have an edge you are someone else’s edge!’

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Ben Carlson: Don’t Take Asset Allocation Advice From Billionaires "One of the best ways to stay out of trouble with your finances is to focus all of your energy on your own circumstances and ignore what other people say or do with their money. Not only will it likely save you from making a grievous financial error but it will also make you happier." Follow Ben on Twitter @AWealthofCS

Barry Ritholtz: Crimes Were Committed “How can one look at all of this evidence and conclude no crimes were committed? It is impossible for any credible analyst or reporter to consider this mountain of evidence and walk away and say “Meh! Nothing here.”

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Corey Hoffstein: The Misleading Lessons of History "While there are many lessons to be learned about balancing certainty and opportunity, we would argue that the biggest lesson of this commentary is simple: past results may be a downright misleading guide to the future."

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Lawrence Hamtil: Valuable Lessons from Peter Lynch "Perhaps Lynch's most important lesson for investors is that in order to beat the benchmark, you have to have a differentiated portfolio from the benchmark.." Follow Lawrence on Twitter @LHamtil


All Star Interviews: Mike Bellafiore of SMB Capital "Mike talks about some of the qualities that he's seen in the more successful traders as well as common mistakes he sees being made on the desk." Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeBellafiore and JC @AllStarCharts

Masters In Business: David Nadig Discusses the Future of ETFs "Barry Ritholtz interviews ETF expert Dave Nadig, who is managing director of and former director of ETFs at FactSet Research Systems." Follow Dave on Twitter @DaveNadig

Money Talks: The Lehman Lessons "Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, we examine what progress has been made. Are we prepared for the next global financial crisis?"

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Meb Faber Show: Pim van Vliet - The Reality Is High-Risk Stocks Earn Low Returns "If you’re a low-vol investor, or having been wanting to learn more about low-vol, this is the episode for you. There’s plenty more in this fun, quant-driven episode – a discuss of the definition of risk, factor fishing and data mining, how low-vol works from a portfolio perspective, Pim’s forecast of the future and Pim’s most memorable trade."

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