Hot Take

Hot Take

This is my favorite new phrase (or newly added to my vocabulary I should say.) It means, “a piece of commentary, typically produced quickly in response to a recent event, whose primary purpose is to attract attention.” You often see it used in reference to contrarian views. I’m about to drop it in this post because I plan on doing something largely frowned upon across the board and that is:

Not complete the blog series I started.

I know, not a good look, but my vacation allowed for some much-needed reflection and I came to this conclusion: There are already tons of guys (yes, mainly men) in the blogosphere composing excellently researched and worded pieces on everything from behavioral finance to historical data comparisons. I could continue down that path, but why? I’m inherently a square a peg. This is partly what brought me to trading in the first place. I have a voice and innovative thoughts, I am not an encyclopedia or a highly studied expert. If I am being true to myself, I believe I can offer great value at the very least in the form of entertainment.

Going forward, I plan on blogging in a similar format to Howard Lindzon. If you aren’t familiar with his newsletter, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s one of the few, if maybe the only, I never miss. By keeping things short, personable and unique he is able to capture an audience while staying true to his intrinsically odd-ball self. In the end this will allow me to release a greater amount of individualistic content rather than just the same old same old topics. Plus I couldn't agree more his quote:

I really appreciate early adopters of the blog being patient with growing pains in these early days. I promise you won't regret sticking around.

Since I have taken up much of this post already explaining this transition, today I will only focus on one topic, but it was one that really had me shook this week – “Sitting Disease”.

This was brought to my attention by fellow female trader @TradeOutLoud when she tweeted out a graphic entitled “11 Reasons You Should Avoid Sitting Too Much.” Now everyone knows the sedentary lifestyle is horrible for your health, but there is just something so much more jarring when it is brought to you in picture format. I am adding several other graphics I have dug up to ensure lasting effect.

Graphic brought to you by

This graphic brought to you by almost immediately sucks you in with the stat “94% more likely to die” in reference to a study where participants were inactive and sat over 6 hours per day. (Read further and you will find this escalated stat applies to women, surprise surprise, while men are just 48% more likely to die.) The illustration of our transition of sedentary positions throughout the day is another heavy hitter. I myself wager 7.7 hours is way below average, when considering the different types of activities spent sitting besides desk work. The graphic below brought to you by indicates my assumption may be accurate by jacking up the stat to 11 hours.

Graphic brought to you by

Since beginning trading full-time I have experienced an array of health issues – almost all in some way tied to my adoption of this very unhealthy lifestyle. Just like in finance, every minute sitting has long lasting compounding effects. I am making it a priority in my life to not continue on as one of these statistics. While ultimately lifestyle changes will be at the root of conquering this problem, current changes I am considering making to my trade desk include a standing feature and yoga ball seat to allow for less compression. I will keep you all posted and hope this has opened your eyes to some of your own sedentary behaviors.


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