Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

You’ve idolized The Reformed Broker, you fell in love with the Irrelevant Investor…

Well ladies and gents let me introduce you to FinTwit’s newest blog:

The Delusional Trader (absolutely no affiliation to the names above, unless they want and, in that case - hit my DMs.)

I’m sure long time FinTwitters are not thrown off by the adjective in which I chose to describe my blog’s title, but for the sake of new comers let’s review - Delusional, as stated by, is an adjective meaning, “Having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions.”

I think most of us fall in category 1. Lord help you if you're definition 2 and trading.

No, this is not a short $TSLA reference, but short sellers may just take the cake in the race to #1 on the-most-removed-from-reality list (wait your turn.) This is for ALL the retail traders.

Today, many active traders begin their journeys chasing a pipe dream of Lambos and financial freedom. They see the profits posted (usually by subscription runners) and dive in head first with the assumption that making money in the market is easy (despite the well-known statistic that “9 out of every 10 active traders fail.”)

Fast forward a few months/years and they’ve probably become disillusioned by success via subscription, but they still believe making money in the market is easy – they just haven’t found the holy grail strategy yet (their's is so close though - they’ve been backtesting.)

Hopefully at this point they haven’t blown through that 100k Grandpa Joe left (weeklies, am I right?) and may even have seen a really profitable year or two. However, the belief (or delusion -see where I'm going?) that “every highly followed trader on FinTwit is raking it in all day erryday, and I will too,” remains. Tell me something more false or unrealistic… I’ll wait.

Now, some may call this the Dunning-Kruger Effect at its finest (I’ll save that rabbit hole for another day.) I am just here today to crush your dreams (and occasionally add to your delusions) in the form of a blog.

Sure, there will be the occasional chart, there will also be some general research type posts, but what I am most excited for are the opinion pieces. Being what some may argue “a unicorn” in the arena, I look forward to sharing my views as a millennial-female-full-time trader. So, if it at all affects any of those descriptors, you can expect it to be a possible topic for discussion. Along with the following:

I will be kicking off the blog with the subsequent hashtag categories (we’ll see where we end up in 6 mos.)

#DailyDelusions - This is a grab bag of -- you guessed it -- daily delusions, essentially daily thoughts, comments and ideas that don't otherwise fit in the other categories.

#Tradenomics – A section where I will try to dive deeper into some of the leading economic and financial theories, concepts and practices and show how they can best be used to help traders.

#CharteredThoughts – Chart review.

#Weeklies – No, these aren’t free lottos, sorry. Here is where I’ll list other blog posts, podcast, etc. that I think will add value to your week.

This is a free blog, so I would be much obliged if you subscribed and had it filtered directly into your junk mail. Also, some of the content will come as newly learned information for me just as much as it will for you, so please be patient with the posts. 'preciate it! Stay tuned for the next edition. Cheers!


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