The Delusional Trader was founded by the Queen Mother herself, Sarah Newton in 2018.

After years of drowning in financial content, falling victim to affiliate biases and burning her retinas out from starring at text-laden curated newsletters she decided to come up with a solution for consumption that would better help her (we're all just lucky she decided to share.

By creating a proprietary strategy for aggregating, filtering and digesting content The Delusional Trader is able to gather and curate a variety of material that can better help advance the knowledge of traders.

No Agenda. No Bias. No Ugly Links.


Bias is a large issue in finance. Being sold is another. Because so much content is produced for free as a marketing play by wealth managers, product owners and the like it can be hard to tell if you are falling victim to one or both of these tactics. While escaping them all together is impossible, it is our goal to weed out the worst, diversify the rest and maintain a stream of consistent quality content.


Learning is a very personal process and we believe the main point of consuming all this content is to retain and recall the knowledge at a later date. To help with such we provide a plethora of mediums to help learners of all styles to best consume their content.

  • Visual: Videos, Charts, Trade Setups

  • Auditory: Podcasts

  • Readers: Blogs (articles, white papers, etc.)

  • Short Attention Span: Tweets, Memes, Polls


Many times traders get so caught up in profitably that they focus solely on finding a winning strategy - often in all the wrong places - and begin a downward spiral. The Delusional Trader believes in getting out of your P&L and into the bigger picture. From personal fiance and portfolio management to knowledge-building hacks and psychology, we have a wide selection for adding to your toolbox. The best thing a trader can do for themselves is a take a step back, and what better way to do that than by boosting knowledge while still continuing on their journey?


As self-proclaimed underdogs, we here at The Delusional Trader know all too well the struggle is real when producing content. One of the hardest parts is building an audience, regardless of the quality of your work. We pride ourselves in bringing light to some of the lesser known producers and are happy to support even the newest of contributors. We also believe in encouraging site members to directly subscribe to content providers in show of support. And remember...

No Agenda. No Bias. No Ugly Links.



© 2018 by The Delusional Trader

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