Reminiscence of a Millennial Trader
Sarah Newton

Being exposed to the market at a young age, Sarah began her love affair with stocks by paper trading through a gifted program at her elementary school during the Dot-Com Bubble. Her family was no stranger to trading either. Her Father had tried his hand at day-trading in the early 2000s, her Grandfather dabbled in commodities and her Mother passively managed a cash account throughout her life.

However, it was ultimately Sarah's Mother who allowed her to stock pick one of her accounts starting at age 13, that really got the ball rolling. She would continue to do this through her high school years, seeing success in investments such as GOOGL, AAPL and DIS. After thinking of trading as merely a "lucrative hobby," Sarah went on to attend the University of New Hampshire, where she got her BS in Business. During this time, she experienced first hand the rippling effects of The Great Recession's bear market - opting to watch and hold most positions. After seeing her parent's struggle with unemployment, Sarah jumped at the chance to enter consulting upon graduation in 2011.

It wasn't until leaving corporate America in 2013 to become her Mother's primary caregiver, that Sarah put actual thought into pursuing trading as a career. With the rest of her peers careers' in their prime, Sarah was busy bringing her Mother to chemo, radiation and dialysis. She knew she would need to make up for time and money lost, so she returned to what she loved most: the stock market.

Although, she would not be able to trade full-time until her Mother's death in 2016, Sarah got as much screen time as possible and was able to successfully maintain profitability during those earlier years. Today, Sarah divides her time between Delaware, Philadelphia and NYC. She mainly swing trades over the period of a few days/weeks via common stock. She believes that you are never too old to start living out your dreams, and 30 is the new 20. She is very active within the FinTwit community of Twitter as well as StockTwits and goes by the handle @PhildaTrades





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